81: From Overwhelm To Organized | Rowena List

Rowena List is a well sought after professional organizer with over 25 years of experience. She has appeared on several media outlets including Global News and Breakfast TV. Rowena offers customized solutions for her clients and their unique needs. She has an incredible attention to detail and supportive nature. Working with Rowena to clear the clutter is an empowering experience. Her solutions have an impact beyond a person’s physical space.


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In Today’s Episode We Learn:
1. How clutter impacts our physical health.
2. Decision fatigue, how it happens and how to overcome it.
3. How decluttering can help us to reach our health goals.
4. How to create a long term solution to clutter and being disorganized.

Connect with Rowena List:
Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Life: On Rowena’s Homepage of her Website: www.gettingittogether.ca
Website: www.gettingittogether.ca
Instagram: @gettingittogethergit
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