About Rosa (aka @rocofit)

Hi and welcome to my website! Sadly this site had been up since 2006 and it all disappeared over night due to a virus. Along with it went hundreds of articles, videos, healthy recipes and more. I mention this not to dwell on it but to share with you that I have been dedicated to helping women become healthy, fit and strong for a long time now.

I was late to the health and fitness world. I was a full time primary school teacher in London UK and in my early 30’s when I decided it was time to let go of the stable career and follow my heart to helping women abolish disease. I had lost women in my family that were my world to the dreaded disease of cancer. This difficult journey led me to asking questions: Why are people getting sicker? Why am I losing good people in my life way too soon?

I stumbled in to the world of personal training and nutrition not knowing that this would in fact change my own health (physical, mental and spiritual) but also the health of so many others.

As I have aged in to my mid 40’s I too struggled with a changing body shape. It put me once again on to the path of asking better questions. How can I continue to feel fit and strong as I age? Is my approach from my 30’s still working? I have since found a few simple principles that needed to change in order to stay strong fit and healthy. Our bodies change and therefor our approach also needs to change. The great news is, it’s not difficult, it’s simply different. Eat less and move more doesn’t work.

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