87: Make Your Own Simple Beauty Products | Francesca Blechner

With 22 years of experience in Health and well-being. Francesca Blechner has mastered her craft and offers a unique and holistic approach which focuses on four pain pillars: nervous system regulation, trauma integration, mindset, nutrition & lifestyle.


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Questions/Notes from this episode:
1. Why did you start making your own beauty products?
2. Impacts some of the chemicals found in our products have on our health both short term and long term.
3. What are some of the simple recipes you’ve discovered?
4. What are some benefits you and your clients have felt?
5. What would you say to someone who feels overwhelmed by it all and doesn’t know where to get started?

Connect with Francesca:
Francesca Blechner instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindbodyalchemist/
Website: https://mind-bodyalchemist.com
Francesca’s Book: Self Care In The City: https://mind-bodyalchemist.com/self-care-for-life-in-the-city-book/

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