So happy you are here!

Our Saturday classes are so much fun and most importantly incredibly effect. Here are a few things to help with a great experience.

  1. When possible log in 10 minutes early to say hello to the group. Once we start working out feel free to keep your camera on or off. Rosa does record the class but only she is recorded regardless of your video being on.
  2. Once we get started Rosa can only let you in on the first break between sets. This is usually about 5 minutes in.
  3. Our Facebook group is HERE if you have not been accepted in to the group within 12 hours please send an email to Rosa at info@rocofit.com Feel free to send this email any time. Rosa is usually quite quick but we’re all human and getting you in to this group quickly is important.
  4. Be as consistent as possible. Repeating the Saturday workout once a week for two strength workouts will bring you results in 6-8 weeks ( you will notice shifts much sooner ), when possible fitting in 3 is great but more than that is not better. Use the other days to walk, introduce a mobility component such as yoga.
  5. If I can’t do the full workout is it still worth it. Yes! You will have those weeks that are simply busy. Life happens. During weeks like that even doing half the workout will be crucial to your results but also to staying in flow. When we break our routine it takes so much more effort to get back on track. There are times where the habit is more important than the actual work.
  6. Reminder if for whatever reason you need to cancel be sure to email Rosa to let her know. You must cancel 24 hours before your payment is due. Please make note of this date as everyone has a different start date. There are NO refunds. This is to keep admin simple and the price low. Reminder that the value in the membership isn’t simply the Saturday class. It is also access to the last 4 weeks of workout recordings as well as the how to videos and support.

Remember to join the facebook group: HERE

See you in the group! Rosa. xx

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