Join Rosa and Women from around the world for her monthly kettlebell program. The program includes a Live (zoom)Class every Saturday. Community is Powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions

If after reading the questions below you still have questions feel free to email Rosa at

I don’t have a kettlebell?

Many of our exercises can be done with dumbells and some are also body weight. You can get started without one however you will want one for key exercises such as the kettlebell swing (BTW: a key movement for building great glutes!). Kettlebells are now popping up everywhere from amazon, to local fitness shops and even your local grocery store. Once you start to be aware of them you will see them in places you never even considered.

What size should I buy and what should I look for?

There are some pretty funny shaped kettlebells popping up, some are even made of some strange materials. A kettlebell truly is for life so it’s best to buy the correct one. Watch the video below. It’s an old one but the information is the same. The key is to purchase cast iron, be sure the handle is cast iron and not plastic. Some times the base (The ball part) is coated in a silicone to protect floors, this is ok.

What if I’ve never used a kettlebell and haven’t worked out in ages?

Rosa has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. She’s worked with countless women who had never strength trained and had never seen a kettlebell before. You will have access to videos describing more complex movements. She also talks you through each movement as you are working out together. You are encouraged to work at your level at all times. The beauty of working out at home is you don’t have the pressure of others watching and feeling like you are behind. This journey is about you and your progress. One thing is for sure there is no greater feeling than becoming stronger from week to week.

What if I can’t make a live class?

No worries! Each class is recorded. Classes are recorded so you can repeat the working 1-2 times in the week. This is key to progress. This also means if there is a Saturday you can’t make you can do the workout at a later time. The recordings are only of Rosa. You will not appear in the workout regardless if you keep your camera on or off.

How do I join and what time are the classes?

We use Zoom for the class. Rosa will post the link in the facebook group (if you do not use facebook simply let Rosa know). Log in 10 minutes early to say hello. We start right at 9am pst and end at 9:30am. Classes are always on time and end no more than a couple minutes over to respect everyone’s time.

Can I see what a class looks like?

Of course! Here is a little clip to get a feel for the class

What if I don’t want to show up on camera?

First of all you will never be recorded. Also feel free to turn your camera off. There’s no pressure to show up on video.

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens! If you need to cancel simply email Rosa at and she can cancel the membership for you. You can also cancel directly with paypal. If messaging Rosa please let her know 2 days in before your payment is due.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds. Rosa keeps the price very low. This low price is possible due to keeping admin tasks and time low. Email Rosa 24 hours before your next payment is due. Everyone has a different start date so be sure to keep track of yours. Remember the course isn’t simply ‘live’ classes. So long as you are a member you also have access to the last 4 workout recordings, how to videos and support.

Will I have access to the workouts once my membership ends?

Access to workouts are only as long as you have your membership. Rosa keeps the most recent 4 weeks of workout recordings in the group.

What if Rosa can’t make a class?

It’s rare that Rosa misses however this did happen once and can happen again. There are a few ways Rosa will resolve this. The first is to find another instructor to take the class. In this case she will have the workout prepared for them. If this isn’t possible then Rosa will make note of the time missed and add it on to your subscription as an additional week(s).

How many months will the class run?

As long as Rosa has 12 enrolled students then classes will continue. This is the minimum number to keep classes open. Rosa reserves the right to discontinue classes should enrolment drop below this. She will give students 1 month notice should this happen – it hasn’t happened before however it’s always best to keep things clear.

Not quite ready? Stay in touch until you are.

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