Coaching with Rosa

Have you been trying to shift weight and get healthier on your own only to find you aren’t getting results, are unsure of what to do next or simply feel unmotivated on your own?

Connect with with me for one to one coaching.

What I help you with:

A strength training program you can do either at home or in the gym using a kettlebell or dumbells. I plan out your workouts for a 6 week plan based on what fits your schedule. You do need to make time to fit in at least 3 – 30 minute workouts each week.

Nutrition. I coach you to understand how many calories you need to consume, how much protein, carbs, fiber and good fats. I coach you to eat as simply as possible. I have always followed a primal way of eating. This is a higher protein, lower carb whole food approach.

To book a 15 minute consultation where you can ask questions and see if this is a good fit simply message me at or on instagram


6 Week Plan: $597USD Rosa works with you to shift your mindset, focus on lifestyle shifts. This includes a 30 minute weekly checkin (on the same day each week) and daily messages that Rosa responds to as quickly as possible and no longer than 12 hours later.

ps. Rosa does not work with vegeterian or vegan diets.

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