99: No Days Off | Rosa Coelho

Rosa Coelho is a health coach, personal trainer and host of the Rosa Coelho Podcast. Her latest online Simply Strong coaching group is comprised of an incredible community of women from around the world. This program is seeing women become stronger, fitter and healthier than ever, as a result of incorporating consistent meal planning and strength training in to their lifestyle.


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In this episode:
1. How do I get motivated and stay motivated when it comes to exercise is my most asked question.
2. One strategy is the idea of ‘no days off’.
3. Our physical environment doesn’t make wanting to exercise easy.
4. There are simple strategies that you can implement to get motivated and stay motivated.

Connect with Rosa:
Email: info@rocofit.com
Website: www.rocofit.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rocofit/

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